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IV6000R series full-automatic oil kinematic viscometer

2020-05-20 14:13:39



Diagram of IV6400R full-automatic viscometer


I. Overview


 1. It requires no personnel management: auto measurement—auto washing—auto drying


II. Product characteristics

1. 恒温浴槽采用双仓体原理设计和独特的循环方式,保证了温度波动度、均匀度达到≤0.01(温场在15-65时);≤0.03(温场温度在65以上);

1. The dual chamber principle design of thermostatic bath and unique circulating way of thermostatic bath ensures the temperature fluctuation and evenness degree less than 0.01( temperature between 15-65) and less than 0.03(temperature above 65).

2. 采用不锈钢铠装光纤,耐高温;

2.Made of stainless steel armored optical fiber, it is resistant to high temperature.


3. Security: It has high and low bath alarm function and overtemperature protection function



4. The temperature control part of the bath and the bath body can be easily disassembled and separated to facilitate cleaning of the blending area of the bath.


5. The high voltage pulse reciprocating auto cleaning way makes the hard-to-wash polymer clean.

6. 独特的干燥方式,确保干燥时间≤5分钟,非常快速;

6. Unique drying method ensures the rapid drying time of less than 5 minutes.


7. The instrument can ensure the normal completion of the test according to different promotion ways of samples.

8. 具有自动测量、自动排液、自动加液、自动清洗、自动干燥及浸泡等功能;

8.It has auto measurement, auto drainage, auto liquid feeding, auto washing, auto drying and soaking function.


9. Results displayed by measurement software: kinematic viscosity value, kinetic viscosity value, measurement standard/absolute/percentage deviation value, measurement time and their average value



10. With the privilege level management function, the software can ensure that important experimental data cannot be modified at random. It has the function of data query, preview, Excel derivation, print, statistics and other functions.(Diagram of homepage of single measurement unit software)


III. Main technical parameters

设备型号Equipment model



测量时间范围Measurement time range

0.01-999.99(s)(可扩展到Extending to 9999.99S

测量计时精度Measurement timing accuracy

≤0.01s实际分辨率Practical resolving power0.0001s

粘度测量范围Viscosity measurement range

0.3-5000(mm2/s)(可扩展到Extending to50000 mm2/s)

测试温度范围Test temperature range

                        15-150(需配套不同的温场及相应的模块Equipped with ifferent temperature fields and   corresponding modules

温场精度及均匀度Temperature precision and  evenness degree

≤0.01(温场在15-65Temperature fields 15-65 );≤0.03(温场温度在65以上Temperature fields above 65

清洗及干燥液用量Washing and drying fluid dosage

13ml(单次Single time

测量位数Measurement digit

22 digits

44 digits

可适用的粘度管Applicable viscosity tube

乌式粘度管、微型乌式粘度管Ubbelohde viscometer, mini Ubbelohde viscometer,(符合ISO3105   GB/T1632-93ASTM   D 446DIN 51562标准in line with ISO3105 GB/T1632-93ASTM   D 446DIN 51562 standards

可适用的检测样品Applicable test sample

轻重质燃料油、润滑油及其他矿物油、油剂Light and heavy   fuel oils, lubricants, other mineral oils and oils

适用标准Applicable standard

GB/T 265ASTM D 445-446SY/T5651国际国内标准 GB/T 265ASTM D 445-446SY/T5651 and other international and domestic standards

测量软件Measurement software

支持Win7win8win10XP系统Support Win7win8win10   and XP   system

电源电压Supply voltage


测试温场在15-65,可配置测量位数到6  6   measurement digits with temperature between 15-65.



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