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CL online auto cleaning module

2020-05-20 15:14:16


  1. 总述:告别粘度管是耗材的时代。

    I. Overview: Farewell to consumptive materials era of viscosity tube.


    II. Product characteristics

  2. 具有在线自动排液、自动清洗、自动干燥、自动浸泡等强大功能;

    1. It has the function of auto drainage, auto washing, auto drying and auto soaking.


    2.Auto online cleaning module greatly reduces the chances for experimenters to get into contact with toxic chemical reagents and ensures their personal security to a large extent.


    3. The high voltage pulse reciprocating auto washing way makes the hard-to-wash polymer clean.


    4. Unique drying method. More environmental and secure drying agent can be used for drying under the precondition of guaranteeing the drying effect and efficiency.


    5. Waste liquid discharge pipeline adopts the PTFE or fluororubber materials of strong acid and strong alkali resistance.

    6. 智能化废液处理提醒功能,防止废液溢出;

    6. Intelligent waste liquid processing reminder function can avoid the waste liquid from spilling over.

    8. 废液分类收集功能,可避免不良化学反应发生的同时,有利于废液的处理及回收再利用;                                               

    8. Waste liquid classification and collection function can avoid the adverse chemical reactions and is beneficial to the treatment and recycling of discard solution.(cleaning module diagram)

    9. 工作效率:相对于人工手动清洗,工作效率提升了一倍以上;

    9. Work efficiency: Compared with manual cleaning, the work efficiency is doubled.


    10. ZVISCO CL cleaning module operation software V2.0 is able to control a maximum of 8 cleaning modules at the same time with hierarchical privilege level management. The parameters of drainage speed, cleaning speed, cleaning times in tube, drying time, soaking time, etc can be set according to different experiments.


    11. There are Chinese and English version of software operation interface.


    12. Compatibility: It can be used in semi-automatic viscometer of other manufacturers.


    III. Technical parameters

  3. 试剂耗量:<13ml(单次)

    1. Reagent consumption13ml(single time)

    2. 通讯接口:RS232

    2.Communicate interface: RS232


    3.Rated power: 100W


    4.Equipment size: 200*200*450mm(length*width*height)

    5. 电源:交流220V/50Hz  

       5. Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz



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